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The Knights Of Old or knights in general are known around if not most if not all over the world

These soldiers are known for their ability to win battles against even the most vicious of soldiers from leather armor to chain mail/mail to the most iconic plate armor with sword and shield riding on a horse with all of these resources no wonder these soldiers are known for their ability to win wars with the use of trebuchets and catapults but their ability to win.

To understand the way these soldiers worked is to look back down on their history starting from the early versions of their armor which was usually was just chain mail to more angular plate armor that could deflect blows from both sword and arrow but then on horses they were medieval “tanks” with the ability to push through they were very well known for their effectiveness in large scale battles

 But in all they were soldiers who knew battles and knew how to win them but these soldiers armors stayed relatively the same until about 1450 century when they started to go out of style well the art of the knight went out of style or more of was just kicked aside because of the advancement of technology this started to destroy the art of the knight.

The talk of armor has talked about how the armor looks why not have a visual As Shown Below

The Weaponrary of a knight was starting to advance farther Shown below

While we talked of armor and weapons what about the protection for the head