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These warriors known as Samurai did a great deal for Imperial Japan

By being the protectors and enforcers keeping the peace was an almost impossible task for these great soldiers but they overcame and conquered but their history with weapons and armor holds a great deal of importance, like for example the katana held by these warriors it was the ending of the beginning for most but for them it was an extension of their being not a tool it was what they thought was that it was given characteristics of a human or an other worldly being this also makes it important that the sword is given respect like gods.

But these swords have significance by being usually just kept in the family and had some kind of significance to the family's history but they weren't the only ones given lots of respect the armor of the samurai or yoroi were shown as protection from even the worst of wars which had a symbolic of how their gods were protecting them from damage.

This in turn made them well disciplined and vicious when it came to war known for having long bows on horseback while charging straight for the enemy and katana on the hilt they had a very honorary lifestyle by everything being very respectful and disciplined with an ethical behavior   

But the divine armor known as Yoroi Shown Below

The Samurai's Main Weapon The Katana As Show Below

The Helmet To Protect Shown Below