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Welcome To Everything you need to know about different types of armors from around the world that helped shape our modern understanding of armor.

This is a general guide to the armors that have been throughout history this doesnt include all armors but most of the most well known.

including but not limited to The Vikings with their style of using chainmail for the rich and the poor using leather and The Greeks iconic bronze armor that protected some of their body while. Having The Romans in their iconic armor that advanced what

the greeks had made and improved it then onto the middle/dark ages with the knights of Europe specifically The Knights with their full suits of iron armor that could protect them from even the most deadly of attack then finally The Samurai the warriors

that honored every battle and didn't go down without a fight. These Different Societies have all come to help people understand the culuture of these different places by having remnants of their armors left helped historians understand their way of life and

understand the hierarchy of the time Which this guide is going to help with by helping you understand the aspects of life and how these armor sets shaped life as we know now.



And Down Below links that helped me research this topic.