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Pete wentz

Pete was born June 5th 1979

His full name is Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III

He is from Chicago, Illinois

He is the main lyricist and bassist in Fall Out Boy. Along with being the face and head of the band he is one of the original two members along with Joe

Pete has had two clothing lines. One is Clandestine Industries which was started in 2006 and has been inactive since 2012. The other line is Ronin, it was released in October 2019.

He and Patrick created their own independent record label in 2005. It was originally called Decaydance Records but is today called DCD2 records

He has 3 kids, one with his ex-wife Ashlee Simpson and two with his longtime model girlfriend Meagan Camper.








Patrick Stump

Patrick was born April 27, 1984

His full name is Patrick Martin Stump

He is from Chicago, Illonis

He is the lead vocalist and plays rhythm guitar in Fall Out Boy. along with that he also is heavily involved in their muisc production.

In 2010-2012 he did a solo career while Fall Out Boy was on hiatus. He went on his own tour following the release of his album Soul Punk

He is married and has 2 children



Joe Trohman

Joe was born September 1st 1984 In Florida, after that he lived in Ohio for a few years and spent his high school years in Chicago

He plays lead guitar and does backing vocals in the band

Him and Pete are the two original Fall Out Boy members

along with Fall Out Boy he is in another band with Andy Hurley




Andy Hurley


Andy Hurley was born May 31st 1980

He was born in Wisconsin but ended up moving to Chicago where he met Pete and Joe

He is the only memeber of Fall Out Boy to be a Straight edge, which is a subculture of hardcore punk that refrains from using alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.

He has been vegan since he was 16

He has played in many metal bands and is also in another band with Joe.