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In 2002-2003 Fall out boy only had released one thing. They only did shows in small venues, most of them being in Chicago because that is where they are from



in 2004 Fall Out Boy played a few shows with the Vans Warped Tour

They also did a 30 show U.S tour known as The Believers Never Die tour.

In 2005 they again toured with the vans Warped tour but this time they did the whole tour

It lasted a little over 3 months

They played 50 shows

They also did their own U.S tour, the Believers Never Die Tour

In 2005 Fall Out Boy headlined the Nintendo Fusion Tour

They played 25 shows



The Black Clouds and Underdogs tour was the tour in 2006 following their very successful album From Under The Cork Tree.

It was a total of 56 shows in the U.S, Canada and the U.K

In 2007 The Young Wild Things tour.

It was a 22 shows in U.S and Canada.

It was their biggest tour to date, grossing over $30 million

It sold out in 5 hours.

Selling 1.5 million tickets.






In 2008 Fall Out Boy didnt tour much due to the recording of Folie a Duex

They did do a few European shows




In 2009 They had the Believers Never Die Part Duex where they 37 shows in the US and Canada

This was the tour to support their 2008 album Folie à Duex







In 2009 Fall Out Boy also played the super bowl half-time show along with Rhianna





Over the next three years Fall Out Boy went on a indefinate hiatus. Each member went different ways doing their own thing.

the guitarist, Joe Trohmen and the drummer, Andy Hurley decided to create their own band. It was a thrash metal band that also had members from other bands.

Joe is on the far left. Andy is next to him

Patrick Stump, the lead vocalist, went and started his solo career

He release the Truent Wave Ep in Febuary 2011

Later that year in October he release his full solo album, Soul Punk

He did his own tour after the release and also opened for Bruno Mars

Pete Wentz, the bassist and face of Fall Out Boy formed a band of his own, Black Cards

There was only two people in the band. those two being Pete and vocalist Bebe Rexha

it was a electronic band with heavy bass




In 2013 Fall Out Boy did the Save Rock and Roll arena world tour

Panic! at the Disco along with Twenty One Pilots were the supporting bands

They slso headlined Riot fest in their hometown of Chicago that year


In 2014 They did a North American tour call Monumnetour

They co-headlined the tour with Paramore, it was the first time since 2005 that the band toured together

It consisted of 44 concerts over 4 months



In 2015 Fall out boy did the Boys of Zummer tour, also known as the American Beauty/American Psycho tour

Wiz Khalifa joined them of this tour

It was a 60 show world tour

In 2016 they did a winter tour which they name Wintour Is Coming

They did 22 total shows, all being in the United States other then one in Puerto Rico

The supporting groups were Awolnation and PVRS



In 2017 Fall Out Boy started their longest tour ever.

It started on September 10th 2017 and ended October 8th 2018

It was a total of 81 shows around the world

50 in North America, 1 in South America, 16 in Europe, 5 in Australia,and 8 in Asia



  • in 2019 Fall Out Boy did not tour, however they did headline a few festivals like Bunbury music festival in Cincinnati Ohio and the Summer Sonic in Japan
  • in 2020 Fall Out Boy, along with Green Day and Weezer will be co-headling the tour throughout the summer.
  • their will 46 shows and itll last from March to August