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About GothBoiClique

The Start

Who or what is GothBoiClique you may be asking? Well GothBoiClique is a musical group formed and founded in 2012 by Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Cold Hart, and Horse Head. It started as an offshoot of THRAXXHOUSE then turned into its own group. GothBoiClique is based out of Los Angeles, California. GothBoiClique turned into a lifestyle for people. In 2015 GBC made their first album titled "GBC". It featured the hit song many GBC fans know, "All Black Fit".

Rise of Fame

In 2016 GBC made their hit album titled "Yeah It's True" This is GothBoiCliques most notable album. This album had hit songs such as "kill me" by Wicca Phase and Doves, and "desire" by Lil Tracy. After that album well known late emo rapper Lil Peep joined GothBoiClique. Peep definentley brought a lot of attention and clout to the group. He was known for being the most notable member of GBC. GothBoiClique was leading the underground rap scene and going full speed with producing content and had no sign of stopping.

Grinding out content 16-18

GothBoiClique had the fame and the spotlight and wasted no time producing music. Wicca Phase realeased several singles such as "Waiting Here" and "Stress" feauturing Georgia Maq. He also realesed several albums such as "Secret Boy" and a EP "Stop torturing me" which included one of his most known songs "Bad Side'. Lil peep also realeased several albums like "Hellboy" and "Come Over When Your Sober". The other member s of GBC also produced several albums such as Cold Harts "Downer" and "Life of a Popstar" by Lil Tracy.

Tragedy Strikes

On November 15th 2017, Lil Peep was supposed to perform in Tucson, Arizona. Peep was found dead on his tour bus by his manager hours before the show. His death is later ruled as an overdose. Found traces of fentanyl and several xanax pills in his system. After Peeps death GBC had a hard time dealing with his death.

The Bounce Back

After mourning Peeps death GBC went right back into producing music. Wicca Phase realesed arguably one of his best albums "Corinthiax" This album featuring several great songs. Other GBC members realesed albums such as Mackneds "Deadbeat "album and Lil tracy with his EP "sinner". Cold Hart and Yawns teamed up on the EP "Wish Me Well".

Where GBC is now

2019 has been a huge year for GBC. They went on a Europe tour. As well as touring all across the United States. GBC also performed at the well known music festival Lollapalooza. Almost every member in GBC realeased an Album or EP this year. Wicca Phase realesed his very successful album "Suffer On". this album featuring his most popular songs "Just One thing" and "Rest". Lil Tracy realesed his long awaited album "Anarchy". Yawns and Cold Hart realeased their album called "Good Morning Cruel World" featuring the hit song "Hot Pink Lighter". All current members of GBC teamed up on their single called "Tiramisu". This brings us to where we are now. There has also ben rumors of the groups second collective album "Yeah It's True 2" the follow up to GBC's first album.


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