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Cold Hart Performing during Day 1 of Lollapalooza.

GOTHBOICLIQUE teams up for their hit single "Tiramisu".

Wicca Phase performing in Late 2019.

Tracy, Horse Head , Cold Hart pose for a photoshoot.

Fish Narc at Lollapalooza in 2019.

GBC group photo before performing at Lollapalooza Day 1.

Tracy Performs "Heart".

Cold Hart and Yawns.

Wicca Phase performs in LA in late 2018.

Wicca Phase releases one of his best albums "Corinthiax".

Wicca Phase performs "Corinthiax" and "High Strangeness".

Cold Hart in LA.

Wicca Phase releases his "Stop Torturing Me" Ep.

Lil Peep is found Dead on November 15th, 2017.

Mackned performing "Menthol" in Santa Anna.

Tracy and Peep -2017.

GBC interviewed on Ham Radio.

Horse Head performs "Numb".

Cold Hart and Lil Peep performing "big city blues".

Lil Tracy, Lil Peep, and Horse Head are interviewed on No Jumper.

Lil Peep "Crybaby" album which featured many GBC members such as Wicca Phase, and the beats were produced by Horse Head.

Wicca Phase Performing Secret Boy Live.

Lil Peep and Wicca Phase Perform their hit single "absolute in doubt".

GOTHBOICLIQUE release "Yeah It's True" the groups first collective album.

Very Rare GBC x Thraxxhouse merch.

Secret Boy album - Wicca Phase - 2016.

GBC members with Lil Peep after he joined the Group.

Passionate Yet Ep - Wicca Phase - 2014.

Delicate Genius Ep - Horse Head x Noah23 - 2014.

Thraxxhouse members before forming GOTHBOICLIQUE.

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