The Console that started it all and some of the last Consoles right now in 2019.

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The First gaming console was the Magnavox Odyssey and it was made by the Magnavox company they had it out in 1972 and it was the first gaming system to come home and be hooked up to a tv. Some of the people that made this possibel was the inventor Ralph H. Baer and the comines that helped produce it later becam knon as Atari, Dreamcast, PlayStation and this lead to the Playstation2 in the year 2000 and the wii u in the year 2012.

This is what one of the first console looked like in the 1970s. More about  https://First console info

The last Gaming console so far in 2019 to be hooked up to a tv is called the nintendo switch. This system alowes you to take and slide the controlers to what you like for exsampel the old wii controler to the new pro controler to puting them on a taplit and playing it like it is the wii u but you can take this everywere you go and play games.Iif this is not enoph then you can put the taplit in the dock and it will transfer to the tv and you can play it on the tv. Then on top of all this the controlers have a HD rombel effect and it makes it feel like your in the game with the vibration in you hands. This was made buy Nintendo and it came out on March 3,2017.

This is what the nintendo switch/last consele so far to be hooked up to a tv in 2019 looks like.


This is the last microsoft console so far and it has 4k graphics has really good games with 40% more power than any other console around right now in 2019 and this console is a great choice for those who want the best possible gaming experience possible on a console. To get this it you will have to pay $499 in the US More about this console. https://Xbox one x info


Some new conseles coming out in The year 2020 are going to be the PS5 and the XBOXSCARLT these will be the last concols of these two compnies sony and microsoft because they will be joning together for next gen and be making new consols together. These will be the last conseles but so far in 2019 the swich is the last one.

The PS5 Will be the last sony only console at lest that is what we have herd so far in 2019 because they are teming up with Microsoft. More about this console

https://PS5 info on it coming out

The PS5 will be jest like the ps4 but you will be abel to text with your controler unsted of going to the home menu then hitting the messages buten then texting. will be $399.


The xbox Scar is going to be the last Microsoft made only console of its kind then they will join up with sony to make the best gaming systems.

This will improve on the controler and how some of the games will look a lot better in the 4k1/2 grafics. It will relese in 2020 on hollday for $450 More about this console here https://About the Xbox scarlett

This is evrything we know so far about it.

Then after all of this there is one consele that is going to be coming out from google and it is called the Google Stadia and it will make using google a lot easer and they did make somthing like it already but it will be relesed in the year 2019 on november 19. also you will be abele to play every game on this console in time because right now it is in the begining stages. But right now anything that is google it can be hooked up to like you smarte tv your computer and your phone.