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Human communication is vastly different from any other known communication system. One way to trace where our forms of communication came from is to research other primates, and how they communicate. Human communication is heavily based on metaphor and rhetoric, and imagery from the human body. Many terms carry cultural, and natural meaning to them. Like "land" for example, it has cultural meaning as in somebody owning a piece of property, and has natural significance as in the natural land of the world. Human language is also comparable to bird song, but is obviously far more complicated. The concept of syllables and vowels and their meaning in human speech is a very wide and not very well known subject. Babies start to develop sense of syllables such as "mama" or "dada" at roughly 6 to 12 months. Human communication is both social, and psychological because, it is a process where people are actively exchanging information and influencing eachother.



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