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yamaha vs honda 

Honda, by contrast, runs through engine maintenance cycles from heavy acceleration and wears down both tires and brakes when riders take advantage of its ability to take off and then stop precisely to handle cornering without compromising control in competitive environments. Again, performance upgrades to those systems go a long way, and again, the designers know what they are building bikes to do, so they have designed them to hold up while doing those things. This leaves the two manufacturers neck-and-neck for competition again, and that’s why it depends on your riding style.

i personably like yamaha thats what i pretty much grew up riding but i did have one honda it was a blaster 200 it was a four wheeler but when i got a dirtbike i decided yamaha ive heard good things about it and it seemed the best to me and thats what i got and i could not complain at all granted it was a 2-stroke and needed some maintnance but all 2-strokes require a lot of maintnance. i loved that dirtbike it was fast, fun, loud, and wasnt too expensive and neither were the parts.