2020 Releases

Best Friend Forever - 2/14/20

Best Friend Forever seems to be an interesting twist on the Dating Sim genre of games. Rather than going through a high school and trying to date every girl you see, you're looking for friends and a pet dog. You can choose from different people and different dogs. It's a sort of hybrid of Nintendogs and a random dating simulator. Here's an interesting trailer for it's announcement.

Gods Monsters - 2/25/20

Gods & Monsters is a game with Greek mythology. You play as a hero who goes through and attempts to save the Greek gods. It seems to be in good hands, as the game is made by the same team who developed Assassin's Creedy Odyssey, another Greek game. It seems interesting and I want to see more of it, and I might even pick it up for myself to try next year. Here's it's trailer from E3 2019.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 3/20/20

Every so often, a new Animal Crossing game gets released. Each of them seem to draw in a big audience, and this one is no different. Including myself, there's a bunch of people ready to try out this new Animal Crossing game. Rather than being the mayor of a town, you start a town completely from scratch on an abandoned island. It seems to be an innovative entry to the series. Here's the trailer they showed off at E3.

Minecraft Dungeons - TBA 2020

Minecraft Dungeons is a Minecraft spin-off game. It has a top-down perspective and focuses more on combat than anything else. Dungeons seems to be inline with the Diablo series, sharing many similarities with the game. The loot system, combat, and perspective seem really close to Diablo. I'm not mad about this though, the game seems genuinely fun and I'm excited to try it out with some of my friends. Here's a trailer they showed off with gameplay at E3.

2020 seems like an interesting year for games, and a fun one. I'm really excited for both Minecraft Dungeons and Animal Crossing, and those are the two I'm gonna talk about in my commentary. They both seem to have really fun core gameplay with some neat features surrounding them.

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