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Outside of the games, there is also other canon works for Touhou, including manga, art books and cds.

Eastern and Little Nature Deity
Fairy of the Moon
Strange and Bright Nature Deity
Oriental Sacred Place
Visionary Fairies in Shrine
Silent Sinner in Blue
Cage in Lunatic Runagate
Inaba of Moon and Inaba of Earth
Wild and Horned Hermit
Forbidden Scrollery
Lotus Eaters
Cheating Detective Satori

Dolls in Pseudo Paradise
Ghostly Field Club
Changeability of Strange Dream
Retrospective 53 Minutes
Magical Astronomy
Trojan Green Asteroid
Neo-Traditionalism of Japan
Dr Latency's Freak Report
Dateless Bar “Old Atam”

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red
Seasonal Dream Vision
A beautiful Flower Blooming Violet every 60 years
Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
Memorizable Gensokyo
The Grimoire of Marisa
Symposium of Post Mysticism
Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia
The Grimoire of Usame

There is also a magazine, called Strange Creators of the Outer World, and a series of short stories called Curiosities of Lotus Asia

There is also a huge amount amount of fanworks that can be found on youtube and other places on the internet