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I'd like to dedicate this section to one thing and one thing only, the comedy of creepypasta. I've never had a good history with the genre, I only knew like one story and that was it, I didn't even read any of them, but then I stumbled upon some gold, some actual gold, poorly written creepypasta. There's something about the way some of these stories are written that are just, incredibly funny, it might be the grammar, the events, the dialogue, but it all just, works. There's already that examples list full of good and bad, but I'd like to give you a couple of recommendations for the unintentionally hilarious.

Without further ado...

It Will Get Worse

Appalling grammar that is so obviously not made someone who has English as their first language, and probably not an adult either. The strange wording and constant run-ons create a masterpiece of chaos and humorous imagery.


Don't let the fact that this is a sequel turn you away, it doesn't really matter that much, you can skim through the previous story and get some context, but it's nowhere as amazing as this. Literally no part of this story is threatening because it's all centered around one of the most pathetic Mario character

Close Encounter With the Tails Doll

Probably one of the most random stories I've read. Events kinda just happen and they have very little connection to to each other, it's really stilted and I love it for that. One moment there's panic over the spooky doll that will kill you and the next, a house party because why not.


There's plenty of other sites that collect bad creepypastas, so you can just jump down the rabbit whole from there. Bad Creepypasta Wiki and Creepypasta Staff Training Wiki are good ones.