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A lot of people ask me what caramel even is. It's hard to describe it as anything other than amazing. But in all realness, if you have never had a caramel, you are seriously missing out. Not just any caramel, but one of my homemade ones.

I make and sell homemade caramels to carry on a little family tradition started by my grandma. Every year around the holidays I spend hours of my time cooking, cutting, wrapping, and shipping caramels. They can only cook properly in cold weather, so they are around for a fairly limited time. Nevertheless, they're great gifts for friends. teachers, bosses, family, colleagues, or just anyone for that matter. If not sure what to get, someone, just contact me and I can gaurentee they will love their gift!

If you aren't willing to spend the money, you can try on your own! Just be careful and keep an eye on them!


Here's a picture of me wrapping caramels when I was no more that 7 years old! The ones I was wrapping were one of many batches.