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The Steelers are a well known team in the NFL located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1933, the team has had many ups and downs with 6 superbowl wins and 8 total appearances in the Superbowl. Their greatest rival, the Bengals, have never been to the playoffs once and lost so I would say the Steelers are better off. Unlike many of the teams in the NFL the steelers have won 6 Super Bowls, making them tied with the patriots. The head coach, Mike Tomlin, has been with them for 14 years leading them to the playoffs nine times and two times to the Super Bowl winning one of them. The Steelers are one of the more popular football team in the NFL and they are in my opinion one of the best. They have had a few bad seasons and right now (2021) they aren't doing the best either but you can go to record to find more out about that. I would say the Steelers are better defensive players but they can be good at offensive plays aswell. The Steelers also need a new quarterback which i'm not saying Ben is bad necessarily but he has been with the Steelers for too long and we need a new one. They also are one of the teams that have the most injuries, like T.J. Watt and JuJu (my favorite players after Joe Haden who is also out at the moment). Unfortunatly JuJu had a injury that will leave him out for the rest of the season and maybe even out of part of next season. T.J. Watt had an injury that left him out for a couple of games in the beginning of the season and he most recently got out and was out for a game alongside Fitzpatrick. The Steelers have lost to the Bengals twice this season which is especially unfortunate becasuse the Bengals are my least favorite team even though I live in Cincinnati.

As I said above Mike Tomlin is the head coach for the Steelers and he has been one of the more succesful ones that they have had. Tomlin led the steelers to 2 Super Bowls and won 1 of them. Also leading them to the playoffs 9 years of the 14 he has been with them. The Steelers have a pretty good record, with a few bad years, but they are also tied with the Patriots with the amount of Superbowls they have won (but now the Patriots don't have Tom Brady so their odds are not so good)