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Description: In this article, it will be talking about the two biggest superhero companies. In which is better Marvel or DC base which of their superheroes are better.

History: Marvel created in 1939 in New York City. The writer that wrote the majority of the Marvel comics was Stan Lee. At the time when Stan Lee joined he was just under 19 years old. He died on November 12, 2018. Meanwhile, DC comics has a few years on Marvel being made in 1934 and had multiple writers of overs the years even Steven Lee wrote some of DC comics. Stan Lee re-imagined DC comics books such as Batman, Superman, and Wonderman. 


"As comic fans most surely know
Superheroes come and go.

Today they're hot, tomorrow cold.
But some there are that break that mold.
They're heroes of whom myths are made.
Whose luster never seems to fade.
No evildoer shall escape
From him who wears the ebony cape.
I refer of course, to that man
Whom the world now hails as Batman!

-Stan Lee