5th generation
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The 5th generation was pretty much the same as the 4th generation because sony dominated even more then the 4th generation with the ps2 and it was because of two things one good games and two people just wanted a ps2 because its the ps2 people wanted it regardless if it was good or not and sega had the dream cast which it failed but not because of bad games they had really good games but they couldn't compete with sony anyway and nintendo failed because of using mini dvds for putting games on it which could store less then a regular dvd and so developers chose not to make games for the gamecube and they also failed because of lack of games and there was a new player in the console race microsoft with the xbox it did alright it was a good start for the console but the reason it didn't fail was because of a game called halo it made the xbox what it is today and microsoft would keeep producing consoles afterward