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Other consoles

-Atari had 2 other consoles named the atari 5200 and 7800 they were both the same as the 2600 but slightly worse

-Their were other consoles in the first generation of consoles like the fairchild channel F the intellivision the vectrex and others

The second generation had the commodore 64 it was alright

The third generation had the turbo graphics-16 and the neo geo consoles

Consoles sales

Then playstation 2 is the best selling console of all time and also the best selling console for sony

The best selling console for nintendo was the wii unless you count the nintendo DS

The best selling console for microsoft was the xbox 360

The best selling console for sega was the sega genesis


I think the PS5 will win the 8th generation because its the most talked about console I also think the nintendo switch will be second within the nintendo switch they already have lots of consoles sold so they have a head start and I think the Xbox X will be last because I hear nobody talking about it

I think the video game console industry will last a long time and sony will stay making consoles microsoft and nintendo might not stay that long because microsoft has had some trouble in the console business so they might pull out and nintendo is probably leaving soon they have hinted this themselves I think the real competition is with google and amazon they both are getting there foot in the door and it will probably be soon they either do cloud gaming services or consoles and google has already done this with stadia but amazon still has not yet amazon and google have a lot of money to do this even more then sony or nintendo