Music Theory




Pianos can be created in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. A good, usable piano ranges from $120, to anywhere around $3.4 million. There are hundreds of brands that make this musical masterpiece, and amazingly; Pianos are the basis of all instruments. If you can understand and wrap your mind around how the music all fits together, you can generally understand how almost any other instrument functions.

Casablanca piano

This is nearly one of the most expensive pianos due to the rarity of it. It's estimate price is $3.4 million

Butterfly piano

Made as a rare piano, there are very few types of this piano. It doesn't sound different or have any different traits other than the physical look of it.

Clear / Glass piano

This piano is no different, but its design is rather odd; The hammers are still on the inside, but you can see all of it.

Golden Piano

Originally made for Queen Victoria; this piano has been around for about 150 years. This intrument stays at Buckingham Palace where it can be admired in its beauty.