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Joy Jars are a great way to help rasie money for DIPG. It is a fun and easy way to help out in anyway possible. It is also a great thing to do with the family while creating the jars. Any amout rasied helps to finding a cure. A great place to donate money is gofundme.com, It is a great way to help out a family in need. This is also a way to give back in such a great way. DIPG has NO cure and is in great need of funding.

Also a great way to help is to get involved. Make this known to the world spread awarness. You could have your schools get involved, hold fundraisers, bake sales, 5k's in the community, and even sell bracelets or even ribbons. Every penny raised is a penny earned to get us closer to a cure for this terrible monster that needs to be taken down! No family should ever hear the words, "Your child has DIPG and there is nothing we can do" It all needs to stop. So help us stop this and find a cure.

Another way to help is by visiting the cure starts now and donate or find other ways to help. Your donations and hard work will pay off. Once a cure is found we can begin finding cures for other deadley cancers. Cancer sucks, it's time for an end!

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