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For new players I suggest watching youtube videos that explain the basics of the gmae and the way the game works. If you havent baught the game yet but are interseted this is also a good way to know if this game isn't a waist of money for you. If or once you get the game I suggest these things for you.

This game is a single/multiplayer game that you want to have friends to play with. This offers what I call four different types of game modes. This first is your regular mode or what I call the "quest mode". It's the regular getting side quests while also completeing main quests. You can perform this "game mode" with others but your more likely to get it done better and faster alone. The second mode is my favorite, it's called the Dungeon mode. It's honestly the best way to get experience and good armor/weapon's/items ect... Unfortunatley you cannot access this mode or any of the other one's until you prove yourself to be a level 10.

The third game mode is known as the Alliance War. This is also only able to be accessed at level 10. It's basically your PvP or player against player combat. It's a lot of fun all though there isn't many benefits that come from this. As soon as you hit that landmark level 10, I suggest you go and play Dungeons until you can't any longer from exhaustion. Obviously i'm joking but you really should play some dungeons. The only other tips i can give you is to save your gold. 10,000 gold=1 horse, which believe it or not is really valuable in this game. It takes a really long time to get from place to place especially when there are no wayshire's otherwise known as teleporters near your objective. It will take a while, but if you sell things that are useless then you'll get there soon. That's about all I can offer, thanks for listening and ill see you in Tamriel, good luck adventurer's.

PS: Im leaving a ESO name generator for you guys in case you can't think of a good name: Link