Happening Soon
Why They Happen

During the moons and orbits and phase changes often certain events happen which messes with moons visible apperance which causes these lunar events.

A super moon happensthe full moon coincides with the moons closes approach to earth in its orbit. A super moon makes the moon appear a little brighter and closer than normal.

A blood moon happens during a total lunar eclipse, The earth lines up perfectly between the sun and the moon. The air molecules from earths atmosphere scatter out which is most of the blue light and the rest of the light molecules reflect onto the moons surface making it appear it red

A pink moon happens always around the month of april due to the annual moon cycle. A pink moon happens when the full moon will miss perigee by about 12 hours. during this we will see the moons earth-facing side fully illuminated by the sun. This makes the moon appear a slight pink hue.

A super flower moon is the full moon that happens in May. They call it the super flower moon to signify the flowers that bloom during May

A super strawberry moon is the last full moon the happens in June and the last full moon of spring. The algonquin tribes would call this the strawberry moon because it signifies the season for harvesting strawberries

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon and sun are on opposite sides of the earth

A total solar eclipse happens when the moon completly covers the sun