1st generation
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The 1st generation of consoles was pretty lopsided atari 2600 dominated sales wise compared to the colecovision and magnavox odyssey the atari 2600 had a lot amazing games like galaga, pong, pac man, space invaders, asteroids, pitfall, breakout, donkey kong frogger missile command adventure centipede and q*bert all of those games brought the atari 2600 to prominence and the other consoles really didn't have much in terms of games the magnavox odyssey was just a pong console and the colecovision had different games but none were amazing or ground breaking but even if the atari looked like a company which would dominant forever but it didn't last because of games eventually getting rushed through development which made bad games and people just started to have a disinterest in video games but also computers were becoming popular and with computers you could do work and play video games and with that all off the consoles of this generations faded into irrelevantacy but atari still produced consoles afterward but they were never very successful and stopped producing consoles but the rest of the companies stopped producing consoles