Take your dog on a Walk everday or twice a day. Your Dogs health is imortant so you should care about it. I recommend if you don't have a budget for dog food I would not get the dog food from the grocery store. I personally love my dog so much that we have to get her 50 lbs. of dog food for $100! It's made for big dogs but mainly Great Pyrenees.

Most dogs I've had like baths!

I would recommend that if you have someone washing your dog at a pet store, go to a self serve one so you don't pay so much. I wash my dog at a self serve one and it's so much easier than waiting at a pet store for an hour or two just to wash your dog. So, find a self serve dog wash near you. I go to one that is in a car wash area. They have different shampoos and conditioners and they also have a dryer for them. My dog goes crazy because she doesn't like the tub they have so I would be careful and make sure they are calm or settled before they go. My dog is crazy as it is.