I really enjoy doing portraits of people because faces are so fascinating. Realism is one of my favorite styles, because it can show so many emotions. I also love cartoon characters as they can break rules that realism cannot.

Tanner Seitz

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I drew this portrait using a reference photo like I normally do.


Sam Jeffers

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I drew most of this portrait live then fixed it up a bit at home.


John Hernandez

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I started to sketch people live and in person, and here is one of my first attempts. I did finishing touches at my house.


Self Based Portrait

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I drew this portrait loosely based on myself and have the same necklace as the girl in the portriat.


Girl #4

Medium- Mechanical pencil

For the 4th installment of my "Girl" series, I wanted the hair to hide some of the face to add a bit of mystery.


Girl #3

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I decided to go with a more unusual look with the hair on this portrait. To me, the girl exuberates an infectious positive energy.


Girl #2

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I like the dramatic ponytail and crazy bangs in this portrait.


Girl #1

Medium- Mechanical pencil

I knew I wanted to develop a less time consuming method of drawing portraits, so cartoons came first to mind. I typically like to keep my cartoons grounded in realism, so there's nothing too wild.

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Medium- Mechanical pencil

I tried my best to draw a person from my imagination and no reference photos.


James Marsden as Cyclops

Medium- Pencils, lettering- pen

I've always liked the X-Men, so one day I decided to draw Cyclops. This was one of the first times I ever tried to emulate a font.


Austin Hargrave

Medium- Pencils

I enjoy drawing people I see in tv shows or on YouTube, and YouTube is where this portrait has its roots.