Touhou Project
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Reimu Hakurei
Description: The main protagonist of Touhou, a shrine maiden of Hakurei Shrine as well Gensokyos main yokai exterminator. Her job, outside of her shrine maiden duties is to keep the yokai in check. She is lazy and cares more for money than anything else.
Gameplay: Reimu moves slowly and precisely, making dodged easier. Her attacks are generally low damage but have high range and some types will track enemies. Considered by most to be the easiest character.
Marisa Kirisame
Description: The second main protagonist. Marisa is an ordinary human magician and a thief. She is Reimus best friend and helps her with exterminating yokai. Although she acts lazy, she is jealous of how much more powerful Reimu is and in secret, works really hard to one day surpass her.
Gameplay: Marisa is generally faster than any of the other characters. Her attacks do massive damage but have low range. Considered to be the hardest character by some.
Sakuya Izayoi
Description: The chief maid of the scarlet devil mansion. Sakuya has the ability to freeze time for everything but herself. She is Remilia Scarlet's servant, obeying her every command like a dog. Occasionally, when ordered to, she will help solve incidents.
Gameplay: Sakuya uses knife attacks which will spread out or somewhat follow the enemy, depending on the shot type. Although she is only playable in a few games, her high damage follow attacks makes her easier to play than any of the other characters.
Youmu Konpaku
Description: Youmu is the servant of Yuyuko Saigyouji. She is half human, half ghost. The ghost part of her is seperate from her body, it is a white spirit thing that follows her around. Youmu is is also really skilled at using a sword, and her character in the games reflects that.
Gameplay: Youmu uses her sword to attack, instead of just using bullets like the other characters. It's not the easiest, but it is very fun to use and get good at.
Sanae Kochiya
Description: Sanae is the shrine maiden of the Moriya Shrine. As with the other inhabitants, she comes from the outside world. She is also a descendant of the goddess Suwoka.
Gameplay: sanae generally has attacks that spread out. She does well against normal enemies but performs poorly against bosses. One of the more challenging characters to play.