Gadgets play a big role in what makes Batman so effective, Having no super powers batman must rely on skill and his gadgets to over come his enemys

First up we have the most well known tool the Batarang. The Batarang is a roughly bat shaped throwing weapon, an alternative to guns the Batarange is typicaly used to knock guns out of enemy hands or a form of rope can be attached and used to grapple an enemy or imobilize them, Batman uses an array of batarangs some having an electric charge to some being able to be controlled in mid air

Next we have the Grapple gun. The Grappling gun is used to ascend or descend large heights, it holds a maximum of 350 pounds, it has a retractable and detachable cable it can even be usd to incapacitate an enemy.


Batmans most helpful gadget may be the utility belt, the utility belt is used to hold all the other gadgets such as the Batarangs and grappling gun,the belt itself is made up of ten compartments and a buckle,inside the buckle is a small camer and tape recorder. on the belt there are smoke pellets,gas pellets,emp grenade,rebreather.A lot of Batmans enemys are interested in his Utility belt, they think it can be used to defeat him and give them acces to his tools. however the Utility belt commonly has a security feature that will incapacitate an enemy if they try to tamper with the belt, the security can range from an electrick shock to a knockout gas.