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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal-(Rapper)-

Adam Mcilwee was born on March 11th, 1990 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Better known as the 29 year old emo singer Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, he is one of the more prominent and original members of the music group GOTHBOICLIQUE. Adam grew up in Scranton and began to play guitar and really start getting into music around age 13. He then started to play in Ska and other punk bands during his middle and high school years. Then Adam would join the emo band “Tigers Jaw” in 2005, he would be the bands lead vocalist. In 2013 Adam would leave Tigers Jaw to pursue his solo project. He would then team up with like minded artists such as “Cold Hart” and “Horse Head” to create and form the emo rap group GOTHBOICLIQUE. He and the other members built the network of artists and in 2015 he co founded the music group.  Wicca Phase would become and still is considered the leader and one of the main members of GBC. He single handedly produced 6 hit albums and eps in these last 3 years, not mentioning the numerous singles he created. Some of these albums include “Corinthiax” and “Suffer On”. His odd but entertaining voice singing over rap beats gives us something brilliant and one of a kind that bamboozles every critic trying to put him in a category. Many people would say he is the face and posterboy of GOTHBOICLIQUE. Wicca Phase is one of the most important members of GBC and is responsible for much of its success. He continues today producing hit singles, albums and touring around the world. Wicca Phases musical genius is expressed in his beautiful songs of loner vibes, love, and heartbreak.



Lil Tracy -(Rapper)

24 year old Jazz Ishmael Butler more widely known by his stage name “Lil tracy” is an american rapper included as one of the members in GOTHBOICLIQUE. Tracy was born on October 3rd, 1995 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He was born to his two parents Cheryl Clemons and Ishmael Butler, who were both musicians. His parents ended up divorcing years after tracy was born, putting him through life struggles.Tracy pursued music at a young age. He grew up listening to emo music and southern hip-hop. When he turned 15, tracy began to publish music. Tracy was a homeless teenager and moved to california when he was 18 to focus on his music interests. He continued to make music until he started blowing up on soundcloud. He would later join GBC and become one of their most prominent members. When Lil Peep Joined GBC in 2016, he immediately attracted the attention of tracy who joined GBC later that year. The two hit it off and began to make several songs together and became a deadly duo and close friends. Then tragedy struck in mid November, 2017 when Lil Peep was found dead due to apparent overdose. Tracy took this the hardest of all GBC members and stopped making music for a brief time after peeps death. Now he is back making music and releasing albums just like we knew him. Tracy's swag and daring fashion brings a whole new look to the basic goth stereotype. His music does the same providing a more hip hop vibe to the group while maintaining the gothic image. 


HorseHead -(Producer/MC)

A 29 year old Californian, Chris Thorne you may think is just your average hopeful MC and producer. But you would be wrong. More commonly known by his stage name “Horse Head”, Chris is an original member of GBC. Born just 5 days after Wicca Phase, Chris grew up in Los Angeles, California. He grew up listening to bands such as Nirvana and Blink 182. Then in 2009 he started to release music. He formed the synth pop trio “tan dollar” and sang and played guitar for the band. He then left that band and in 2013 he started producing hip hop beats. He produced two albums “the purple tape” and “the green1”. This put him on the map for upcoming beat producers. He released his first rap project in 2015 under Thraxxhouse at the time called “Romantic”. This album featured artists such Wicca Phase, Lil Tracy, and Cold Hart. From there Horse Head, Wicca Phase, and Cold Hart broke off from Thraxxhouse and the 3 created GOTHBOICLIQUE. From their on out Horse Head would create and produce many of GBC artists songs. Horse Head is also a singer himself with several albums to his name. 


Mackned - (Rapper)

William Anthony Gable also known as rapper Mackned, is a 26 year old from Seattle, Washington. He is a member of the music group GOTHBOICLIQUE. He has created several albums such as his 2019 album “perfume”.



Yawns - (Rapper/Producer)

Roman Luna, The 32 year old Dj/ Producer from Phoenix, Arizona. Also known as “Yawns” he is a member of GOTHBOICLIQUE. Just like Horse Head, Yawns does a lot of producing of GBC’s music. Yawns began playing in bands around Phoenix as a drummer. He joined the band “New Meen” where he learned how to play guitar, keyboard, and sing. When the band broke up in 2010 Yawns started making experimental beats and sounds with his younger brother. From there on he would produce several songs for members of Thraxxhouse in 2014. When Cold Hart and Wicca Phase made GBC, Yawns was recruited by Cold Hart. Yawns and Cold Hart produced several albums together such as this years “Good Morning Cruel World”. Yawns also serves as a graphic designer for GBC. Many people are in awe of Yawns and his production due to the fact that he uses live drums and guitar in his beats. Yawns in my opinion is one of the most underrated members of GBC. He is the one undercover dude that makes it all hapen. 



Fish Narc - (producer)

Fish Narc is a 26 year old, from Seattle, Washington. His real name is Benjamin Friars-Funkhouser. He is a producer and member of GBC. He has produced several songs for GBC members like Lil Tracy and Horse Head. He came to GOTHBOICLIQUE when Lil Peep did. This was due to Fish Narc being Peeps Producer. After Peeps death Fish Narc decided to stay with GBC.


Cold Hart - (Rapper)

Jerick Quilisadio more commonly known as Cold Hart, is a 25 year old rapper/singer from Long Beach, California. He is an original member of GOTHBOICLIQUE. Cold Hart was born on August 3rd,1994. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade. He then would later on graduate from high school. When Cold Hart was 18 he started rapping for an underground rap group called “TeamSesh”. He would then leave this group in 2013 due to different goals and ambitions. From there he and his good friends Wicca Phase and Horse Head would go on to found and create GOTHBOICLIQUE. From there Cold Hart made several albums such as “Downer”. Cold Hart would also recruit one of the groups most notable members, Yawns. These two would hit it off immediately and started to make several songs together. The duo would be known as “The Crew”. Yawns would go on to produce Cold Harts album titled “Wish Me Well” And in earlier 2019 they would create Cold Harts most notable album “Good Morning Cruel World” which featured the hit song “Hot Pink Lighter”. Who knows what the future holds for Cold Hart. His deep, soulful voice mixed with the producer genius of Yawns is a perfect recipe for great hits. Not to mention his awesome colorful hair going right along with his music style.






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