These incredible creatures have many physical features that are specific to meeting the animal’s needs in accordance with the environment surrounding them.

Snout- The snout of the polar bear is used to moisten and warm air before it reaches the bears lungs.

Black nose/skin- The black on the nose is used to attract the sun’s heat

White fur- The color of their fur is used to help camouflage them in their arctic environment. The first layer of fur on the bear is actually hollow and reflects the color of the snow around it. The fur underneath that helps keep them warm.

Thick blubber- The layer of blubber that lies under their fur is used to insulate heat and can be a great source of buoyancy.

Padded feet- The pads on the bottom of their feet help them grip onto the ice and snow for better traction

Long, sharp claws- Their claws are great for tearing up prey. They are used as a weapon for polar bears. Along with the pads on their feet, these sharp claws also help them grip onto ice.


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